Wireless Supply, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is a major manufacturer of components for iDAS, oDAS and small cell systems. The company specializes in passive components as well as RF and fiber cable to support the growing demands of wireless operators, system integrators, VARs and distribution partners. Wireless Supply operates warehouses in Nebraska and North Carolina. A nationwide network of sales representatives and distributors provide product distribution throughout the United States.

Wireless Supply was founded by a group of engineers focused in the in-building, DAS and Small-cell markets. In today’s market it is imperative that the highest quality of equipment is being installed! Not only do carriers demand it , it will save your company time and money on troubleshooting issues.

Wireless Supply demands excellence on each and every part.

Wireless Supply manufacturers and offers products specifically for the wireless communications market with a focus on DAS deployments, small cell deployments and general wireless deployments. Wireless Supply offers top quality products at wholesale prices.

Wireless Supply

Our unique approach to business is continually raising the industry bar when it comes to customer service. We encourage customers to communicate to us how they need a product to perform, even if that product is not yet on the market. This means that instead of setting out to solve an industry-wide issue, we work toward solving the need of each individual customer. Invariably, these custom solutions solve industry-wide problems faced by most wireless communication companies. In short, we design specific solutions for general problems, instead of general solutions for specific problems, because we listen to our customers, react to their needs, and build the equipment they need to solve challenges.


While some companies settle for mediocrity, Wireless Supply demands excellence from every product we build. Our company was founded by a group of engineers intent on manufacturing the highest quality in-building, DAS and small cell solutions in the world. In today’s market you can’t afford not to install anything less than superior quality equipment. Not only do carriers demand it, but quality products from Wireless Supply will keep your company from spending
valuable time and money replacing low-quality products troubleshooting highly frustrating issues.